I was watching a recent broadcast of CBS's Sunday Morning Show and one of the features was called "It's Just Stuff". It dealt with how people accumulate some much "stuff" and they just can't find a way to get rid of it. For some reason or other it has sentimental value. The reasons are long as to why people keep what they do. I think we are all guilty of it. I know I have kept things, primarily clothes, that I used to wear but don't fit me any longer. The hope is that someday they may still fit me.  By then, they will be out of style and perhaps they are already. Lets just say that shirt I kept represents "hope" that it may fit later in life.

I also have 3-zillion gift coffee cups acquired over the years from speaking engagements. Last I checked, I only have one mouth.  Why do I need all these cups?  I have been threatening to get a small dumpster and just go-to-town with a throw out party, but I know I will start to toss things and decide, maybe I should keep that one.

According the the CBS story, the Department of Energy has revealed in a survey that 25% of people with a two-car garage can't even keep one car in it. The survey also said that 32% of two-car garage owners can only place one vehicle in their garage. The other side is for storage.

The story on CBS also featured an interview with Andrew Mellon, the author of "Un-Stuff Your Life". Mellon stated that the average person wastes one year of his or her life looking for lost items during their lifetime. Now there's reason enough to get that dumpster.