Demi Lovato has been off and on with Wilmer Valderrama for a while, and when she revealed the most romantic thing a dude's ever done for her, it made us wonder if he was the guy behind it! What was the super sweet gesture?

Lovato told BuzzFeed, "There was a time where I was out of town for a couple of months -- I was away -- and this person would fly out every single weekend. [They’d] take the red eye Friday night, would see me for just a couple of hours on Saturday, just a couple hours on Sunday, and would fly back to be at work on Monday," she revealed. "He would fly out every single weekend for the amount of time I was away. I thought that was the sweetest, most caring thing that anyone has ever done for me," she added, "You gotta know how to find ‘em. When you do, you can't go back to dating immature guys." Amen, sister -- you deserve a good man!

As for other aspects of her personal life, there are some things that she likes to keep private. For example? You won't see her twerking in public like fellow Disney alum Miley Cyrus. "I do know how to twerk -- but I save it for the bedroom," she deadpanned. "I feel like my twerking doesn't need to be captured in front of the whole world. Hey, kudos to anyone that twerks in public, though!"