All of us at Y101 would like to extend a special congratulations to all of the nominees for this year's "Women of Distinction" awards. With so many great nominations, picking a winner was no easy task. But after much deliberation, the winners are...

Rising Star

Sarah Nolinwinkler (Ewing, MO)

Sarah is an intake coordinator with Quincy Medical Group's oncology unit. Outside of work, she volunteers with the Special Olympics and the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Adams County.

"Sarah is compassionate and extremely dedicated in all aspects of her life. Co-workers say that she is always positive and upbeat and has a heart for service. She always puts others before herself and her love knows no bounds. Sarah stands out because she gives her all at everything she does and always goes above and beyond to ensure others' needs are met. For all that she does with numerous organizations, many others would stretch themselves too thinly. Yet she is able to commit and exceed expectations in all that she does. She is fiery, kind, delicate, and an overall force to be reckoned with. The Tri-State area benefits from Sarah's work and passion every day." --Crystal Sewell

Shining Star

Dawn Whitcomb (Quincy, IL)

Dawn works as Adjutant at the Illinois Veterans Home. She lost her son, Dylan Muldoon to suicide last fall and has since devoted herself to bringing awareness to our community and schools so we can help prevent others from this same fate.

"Through her grief in the past year, Dawn has started a movement within our schools and community to bring awareness to those suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. She has been instrumental in working with many different groups to share her story and bring people together. She organized the First Annual Suicide Awareness Walk in October. She helped produce a video which has gone viral regarding suicide and its effect on those left behind. She has also raised awareness by participating in and sharing her story in the local news teams suicide week long segments. What makes Dawn stand out is through all of this, the attention is never on her, but rather the message. The message that no one has to be alone. She encourages others to get help and not be afraid to speak out." --Angie Norris

Ben Braun - Townsquare Media