Everywhere you look things are changing. So when I read about a lawsuit being filed against the Illinois High School Association involving football concussions, I wasn't surprised to hear that Friday night football as we know it may be in jeopardy. A former football player at a high school in Niles, Illinois is filing a law suit against the IHSA claiming that the IHSA didn't take enough measures to protect student athletes from concussions. I have said all along that once someone wins a concussion lawsuit against a school, look for the football programs to go away.

The payouts from these kinds of lawsuits will wipe out a school's athletic budget in a heartbeat not to mention the cost of a mandatory on-site physician at all games and practices. This particular lawsuit has people saying that if the IHSA loses, only large schools with big budgets will be able to field a team and smaller class schools will be forced to discontinue their football programs.

That would be a shame. Lookout baseball and soccer teams. You may be next.