It really hurts to say goodbye to great friends and in this case great neighbors was well. Such was the case for me today as former Quincy High School Blue Devil Basketball Coach Loren Wallace and his wife, Barb, leave Quincy today for good and head to their new home in Arizona. They sold their home which is right next to mine a few weeks ago. I was happy for them when I heard the news on the outside but was sad on the inside hoping they might change their mind. When I moved into my home 15 years ago it was Loren and Barb who welcomed me to the neighborhood.  I couldn't ask for better neighbors than the Wallaces.

I bought the house while broadcasting the Blue Devil games that Loren was coaching and had no idea he was going to be my neighbor when I signed the papers. When I found out, I said to myself that "this was gonna be fun". It couldn't have been a more prophetic thought.

The Wallaces have left their indelible mark on Quincy and on all of their friends who I am sure feel the same emptiness I feel today. I wish them all the best in the "valley of the sun". God's speed my friends!