It is that time of year again when power shoppers really shop and parties are everywhere.

Take for instance our friend Clark Griswold. He decides it is time to get a Christmas tree. He gathers his wife Ellen, daughter Audrey, and son Rusty and drives out to the country where he picks out a huge tree. Realizing too late that they didn't bring any tools to cut the tree down, they are forced to uproot it instead. And you know the rest.

I see many people out and about during Christmas that have no clue what to get who. I may be one of them. But I try and if I see a tree that looks kind of straight, then I will try to get it into the house and decorate it. But like Clark, I fumble and bumble trying to make the tree look good.

Of course I fail in all of that but the main thing is, the family is still behind me all the way.