If there's one thing we know about our audience's TV habits, it's that they love 'The Walking Dead.' Or course, the show's a pretty big hit, so it's not just our audience. If you happen to be a fan, you might also have watched an episode or two (or all of them) of 'Talking Dead,' which is a live show for fans of 'The Walking Dead' that airs after each new episode. Comedian Chris Hardwick is the host of 'Talking Dead,' and he'll be performing at The Pageant in St. Louis in March.

Or course, Hardwick does things besides hosting 'Talking Dead.' In fact, he does a lot of things. He appears four nights a week on Comedy Central as the host of '@midnight,' he writes for Wired magazine, does stand up, and is also the is the CEO of Nerdist Industries, which has grown to include the Nerdist.com website; a premium YouTube channel; and a podcast network. Nerdist also produces television content networks like AMC and National Geographic Channel.

If you'd like to see Chris Hardwick in St. Louis, tickets are $37.50. The Pageant's website describes the show as "all-ages." Doors will open at 7 on Friday, March 13 for an 8 p.m. showtime.