Its World Series time and the Chicago Cubs will meet the Cleveland Indians in game one of the best of seven series in Ohio. The game is the main attraction, but plenty of other events go along with it like who will throw out the first pitch prior to each game. There is a movement by fans, escalated by social media, to have Charlie Sheen toss out the first pitch in Cleveland. Sheen played "Rick Vaugh", a rookie relief pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, in the larger than life baseball movie "Major League". How fitting would it be for the Indians to have Sheen in a Cleveland uniform come in from the bullpen with the song "Wild Thing" playing and throw out the first pitch prior to tonight's game one or tomorrow's game two. Sheen has said he would love to do it.

There is one problem though.  Major League baseball doesn't want it to happen. The assignment for game one and game two will go to Kenny Lofton and Carlos Baerga, respectively. Baseball is missing a great opportunity here to see "Ricky Vaughn" in his black skull and crossbones glasses fire a fastball somewhere wide of home plate all the way to the backstop.

Oh, and by the way, wouldn't be great to hear Bob Uecker broadcast the pitch "just a little outside". Come on M.L.B., let's make this happen. Baseball fans everywhere want to see it.