Read this before you send away your DNA!
DNA websites are a huge business. Just send in a bit of spit and you can learn more about your cultural origins, your family tree and perhaps your health risks. It's super easy to do, and pretty cheap too at around $100. The question is, should you do it? Maybe not.
What Age Should You Get Your Kids A Cell Phone?
Is there a certain age a child should get a cell phone? The conversation came up the other day when my nine-year-old told me she wants a phone for Christmas. It got me thinking, how young is TOO young when it comes to getting your child's first phone?
Which Disney Movie Are American's Watching?
Since the stay-at-home shelter order has been put in place in most states, Disney+ memberships have increased, and is now beating Netflix in subscriptions. But what Disney movie are countries obsessed over?

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