If You Bought St. Louis Rams Stuff This Decade They Might Owe You
You remember the St. Louis Rams, right? They arrived in St. Louis in 1995 and were terrible for a few years. Then they got really good and won a Super Bowl. Then their greedy owners tanked the team and insulted the fanbase in hopes that they could move the team to Los Angeles—a fantasy that c…
Wait, What Does Marshall Faulk Have To Do With The Fyre Festival?
So I recently watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix (haven’t gotten to the Hulu feature just yet). And apparently the 2017 trainwreck of a music festival was about a thousand times worse than any of us could have possibly predicted. Seriously, there was some messed up stuff in that…
Commercials Are The Only Reason To Watch The Super Bowl
Lets be honest here, the ONLY reason I will probably watch the Super Bowl this year is for the commercials. Although I will be cheering on the Rams, some of these years commercials are already being leaked, but lets take a look back at the best from 2018.

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