A Winter Driving Friendly Reminder
Driving into work this today, I notice that most drivers forget how to drive in snowy conditions. Here are a few driving tips to remember just before the big winter storm this weekend.
10 Businesses That Should Come To The Tri-States
As I drive up and down Broadway, I notice there are more and more empty buildings with many businesses leaving or closing down Quincy. The same goes for Hannibal too, so I ask you, what businesses do you want to come to the Tri-States?
9 Things You'll Find In The Typical Tri-State Home
When I first came to the Midwest in the early '90's, I didn't even know there was a state called Missouri. I came from a city of over 2 million people, only to grow up in a town of 2,500. Don't get me wrong I had a great childhood, but while growing up, I came to learn about cert…

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