I knew it was going to be cold today, but I did not think this cold!

Last Sunday as the snow came down, me, the wife and some of the kids did a little snow removal. We just bought a big snow removal machine last year and it worked great. But this year is different. This winter, at least for now, is brutal. I don't mind the snow. It is the wind conditions that are whipping snow everywhere. Makes it hard to keep up with the snow blower. We spent yesterday afternoon just on our driveway. I'm sure other people are going  through the same thing, but this cold and snow is something else.


Back in the day, us kids could stay out all day and play, and scoop and build big snowmen in our yard. Now it is just a chore you have to do, unless you pay someone to do it for you. But we said no way, we will do it ourselves. After a couple of hours just in our driveway, we got the job done.I feel like we did some damage to Old Man Winter's wrath.

I say BAH HUM BUG to Old Man Winter. Go back where you came from, and don't come back! But as I type this, I hear it is going to be even more brutal tonight. Stay safe.