HELP!!! I'm trying to remember the name of a restaurant that used to be located in the Quincy Mall back in the '90s. I can picture everything about it, but I'm drawing a complete blank on the name of the place!

It was located in what is now the Famous Footwear location and right next to what used to be a KB Toy Store. It was some kind of steakhouse and the place had kind of a western feel to it. And they served up the best rolls in town (at the time anyway). It had lots of western decor and I swear they had a real life cactus by the entrance. My family and I had been there a few times throughout the decade and I'm pretty sure they were long gone by the turn of the millennium.

Perhaps part of the reason I liked going there so much was because we'd get to hit up KB Toys afterwards and I'd beg my parents to buy me something. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes not (although that is where I got my Barbie Dream House).

I surveyed the guys here at the station (at least the ones who would have been in Quincy back then) and we're all coming up with nothing. I'm trying to have a nostalgic trip down memory lane here, but it just isn't working for me. So I'm hoping that one of you with a better memory can help me out here.