I had the opportunity to host a group of baseball fans on a motor coach trip to Busch Stadium last Friday night and had a great time doing it.  If you have never taken one of these trips through Destination Travel you need to sign up for the next one.

The bus left Quincy at 3pm and headed to Hannibal to pick up more fans and then stopped again in New London.  On the way down we played baseball trivia and gave away Y101 t-shirts to the people with the correct answers. I ran out of questions and had one t-shirt left so I asked over the bus PA system for someone to try and stump me.  I knew I was opening myself up to a disaster if I failed to know the answer but I took the chance.  My brain has been conditioned to answer baseball questions and I feel that I am somewhat qualified to answer most questions.  But I was not prepared to answer the question that was thrown out at me. With the bus going 65 miles and hour and somewhere north of Wentzville, I was asked by a woman on the bus to guess her weight. Now being a man and having been asked about women's weight questions in the past I was prepared enough to NOT answer the question.  I just looked at her with a bus filled with laughing people to just say"...here's your t-shirt".  Ok, it might not have been a baseball question but it was an example of the fun time we had on the bus and it made the 2 hour trip to St. Louis go by very quickly.  The bus dropped everyone off  30 feet from gate one  (50 feet for the Hannibal people which was another humorous story from the trip) and we were in the stadium just like that. No parking hassles to deal with and no walking a mile to get to the ballpark. Off we went to the Stan Musial Bridge area where we were treated with all the food (brisket, chicken, nachos and hot dogs) and drink (beer, soda and water) we could eat and a great vantage point out of the sun with an nice breeze to boot. The game featured a crazy ending with the Cardinal's Tyler Green getting thrown out at the plate for the last out after sliding into second, third and home plate on the game's final play. The Royals won 3 to 2, but for the Cardinal fans on the bus I was on, it was still a fun night at the ball park and you can't ask for more than that. Don't miss the next opportunity when it come around to "bus -it" to a Cards game through Destination Travel.