I have driven by it for months waiting patiently to be close to it. It has withstood all kinds of weather including sub-zero temperatures.  People, perhaps even Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, have walked passed it as though it didn’t even exist, but it does. No one should even think about stealing it or the wrath of the Big Dog will come down upon you. Because it is “MY ROCK”.

It has endured my company for over 20 years and has become my companion among others. It has had many a posterior sit on it, a few drinks spilled on it and best of all heard a ton of blues music over the years. Tonight I will reunite with it as year number 21 arrives for Blues in The District.

Friday night Coyote Bill will take to the gazebo stage to entertain the lawn chair and blanket toting music fans at Washington Park.  Coyote Bill is from Kansas City and was the winner of the 2014 Kansas City Blues Society Band Challenge and received “Outstanding Guitarist” honors at the 2016 Banzai Music Awards.

Music fans will be entertained from 5:30 to 9:30 and can bring their own food and drink although food and drink will also be available for purchase.  This and all of the Blues in The District concerts are free of charge.  All the details about the Blues in the District concerts can be found online at www.thedistrictquincy.com.

The Blues in The District concert series is presented by Blessing Health System and will feature five more summer dates after tonight. Those dates and artists are listed below.

June 22…...James Armstrong

July 13…....Soul Shaker

July 27……Travis Reid Band

August 10...Eric Jerardi Band

August  24..Ken Valdez