This week everyone will be Irish especially with Quincy's 32nd Annual St. Patrick's Parade being held on St. Patrick's Day this Saturday and that's a good thing. There will be plenty of true Irish people in the parade and there were plenty of Irish wannabes (and there was nothing wrong with that). But the Irish know who is Irish and who is faking it. With that said, and just in time for St. Patrick's Day, here are my top ten signs you are not Irish.

10..You thought your turquoise shirt was "green" enough

9...You would rather break up a fight than start one

8...You drink green tea instead of green beer

7...You don't like boiled food

6...You throw a "Mc" or an "O" in front of your last name on March 17

5...You think Corned Beef and Cabbage is really an Irish delicacy

4...You don't like to swear

3...You think St. Patrick was really Irish

2...You think all Irish people are cops

1...You can still read this because you haven't had enough drinks.