Because of copyright infringement laws we are not allowed to say the words "Super Bowl" in any radio promotion or advertisement we may do at the station.  That is why you will hear the words "The Big Game" this Sunday or "Football's Premiere Contest" as verbiage instead of Super Bowl.  If you ask me, it is all stupid.  If we all refrain from calling it the Super Bowl, what will it be known as?  It's ridiculous, but it is the way of life in America these days.

I am surprised someone hasn't come after me about the name "Big Dog".  After all, there was a clothing line called "Big Dog".  I am not sure they are still in business. And if they are not and someone comes along and calls themselves "Big Dog Clothing" you can bet they will hear from my lawyer, Fred Cheatem, of the law firm of Dewey, Cheathem, and Howe (old Three Stooges line).

In any case, it has come to the point where I must make my NFL Big Game prediction. Let me know if you agree with it or not. My pick is Baltimore 27 and San Francisco 17. What's your Super (oops), Big Game prediction?