Some of you may have noticed, and some may not have, but I was gone from this radio ranch last week. I, on a whim, just decided to get in my car and go. Off I went, heading West as Horace Greeley once told us all to do. “Go West Young Man.” I know, the young man part doesn't fit. I drove and drove and drove some more.

I left Quincy at 1:30 in the afternoon (CDT) and some 13 hours later I went through the town named after Greeley in Colorado and settled in Ft. Collins, Colorado at the home of my brother at 2 in the morning (MDT). From Ft. Collins it was onto Cheyenne, Wyoming and eventually onto Custer, South Dakota.

It was in South Dakota that I crossed off yet another “Bucket List” item when I stopped at Mount Rushmore. After seeing Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, I got in the car and made a visit to one of the more stunning places to view in America, “The Badlands.” There is a reason they call it that. I am not sure there is much of anything living there. The view was spectacular though.

Between the spacious areas in Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming and the Black Hills of South Dakota, one has to wonder just how big this country is? The point of all this is not to tell you about my trip, but to tell you how I did it.

I did it with my cell phone turned “off.” I decided to rid myself of that hand held device and only turned it on if I had to. Other than to call my family and to take some pictures, the phone was non-existent and that was just the way I wanted it.

Between my work life and personal life, the phone was becoming my life and I made a choice to enjoy my life for even just one week without it. And enjoy I did. Perhaps you should try it sometime. It's good therapy.