The Texas Roadhouse opened in Quincy last week and it has drawn many patrons to it's new facility at 52nd and Broadway. The parking lot is shared by Game Masters, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Sit Tight, so when I attempted to buy a couple of baseballs at Game Masters Saturday, it was a fiasco just trying to get a parking spot.

Kurt Parsons

I am not surprised by the large turnout of people trying to get the opportunity to see an new kid in town over the past week. I, for one, will wait for the dust to settle before seeing what they are all about.

According to Texas Roadhouse, they will be employing some 185 people for their operation, which is a good sized business. It's probably best to wait so the employees and management can work out the kinks with a brand new operation.

The last time I went to a new restaurant in its opening days I ordered a patty melt sandwich and got a hamburger with no cheese on it. It was a simple mistake and with new operations will come those mistakes. Hopefully, people won't judge a place by the mistakes that make when they first open up.

Give them time to get the system down and the operation will move more fluently. It's another reason for me to wait a few weeks before I check it out.