Yoga has been around a long time but the newest craze in yoga is "Goat Yoga". That is right, goat yoga. It began in Corvallis, Oregon and is spreading throughout the country and spreading quickly. People who attend these goat yoga classes arenow doing so with goats wandering around them and some, as goats like to do, start climbing on your back while you are on hands and knees on a yoga mat.

Some of the comments range from "it's really fun to have them with us" to "man do they stink at times". Apparently, it is therapeutic to have the farm animal climbing around or on you.

I am not aware of any goat yoga classes occurring around here, but that doesn't mean there are none taking place.  If you know of a Goat Yoga class nearby, please share the information. The classes range from great to "baaaad". You know I had to do it.  I'll see myself out!