My, how the world has changed in my lifetime. As a kid in Brooklyn, New York, I could go out and play in the neighborhood. There was no fear of someone coming by and taking me away. Unfortunately, we don’t live in my past world and kids are being taken away. Such was the case of 10 year old Hailey Owens of Springfield, Missouri.

According to Springfield Police, Hailey was walking near her home about 4:50 p.m. Tuesday when a white male grabbed her and took her in what was believed to be a random abduction. This led to a multi-state Amber Alert being issued.

Unfortunately, Hailey’s body was found yesterday and a suspect was arrested and taken into custody. Craig Michael Wood was charged with first degree murder. Obviously, the investigation is ongoing.

Also ongoing is the continued threat to our children in this country. Parents can’t say, “hey, it’s a nice day go play outside” anymore. What happened to Hailey is just one of many daily abductions that take place throughout the United States.

I will end with the way I started. My, how the world has changed in my lifetime.