I guess you really can get ANYTHING on Amazon.

Amazon announced that they're going to start shipping real Christmas trees starting in November. So if you want a seven-foot Douglas Fir or Norfolk Island Pine, you can avoid the hassle of going to the tree lot and tying it to the roof of your car. Now you can have it dropped off at your front door. The trees will ship within ten days of being cut down and arrive in a giant Amazon box. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

I am not a fan of real Christmas trees. I think they are messy and hard to maintain and a pain to get rid of. So I can't say that I'll be a customer. However, if you love the real tree experience, this new option from Amazon will hopefully make things a little easier for you.

A seven-foot fir from a North Carolina farm will cost $115, according to an Amazon holiday preview book. You can also purchase wreaths priced at $50 and a red-leafed plant with a decorative candy cane priced at $25.