Whether you agree with it, or not, the granting of a permit to allow one million Muslims a assemble in our nations capital yesterday is exactly the right thing to do. That's what makes this country great. The freedom to assemble no matter what race or religion you practice. What is NOT right though is the denial of a permit for one million bikers to do likewise in Washington.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

In reality, there were not one million Muslims assembled yesterday and there were not one million bikers, either. Both totals were probably in the thousands which still made it a significant gathering of both sides. If a permit was OK for one group it should have been OK for the other.

My guess is that officials in the Capital didn't want any trouble between the two sides, although in my opinion selecting 9-11 as the date for their rally didn't help the Muslim's cause with a nation still feeling the effects of September 11 some twelve years ago.

What are your thoughts?