While out and about this weekend, I figured I would take a look at the closeout sales going on at Bergner's in the Quincy Mall. With liquidation sales already underway, there are a couple things you should keep in mind before you head out to save some money:


  • TSM Staff

    Discounts Run From 10 to 30% Off

    As of right now, the entire store is 10%-30% off. I didn't see a whole lot of 30% racks besides the clothes and home goods at the store entrance by the fountain court. I was looking for clothes for my girls and most of what I could find was only marked down all kids clothes were 10% off. I am sure as time gets closer to the store closing, the percentages will go up.

  • TSM Staff

    Gift Cards Expire Soon

    If you have a gift card, you might want to get it spent in the next few days as they expire on April 28. After that, you're out of luck. In addition, the Rewards program as well as your Bergner's credit cards are no longer being honored.

  • TSM Staff

    All Sales Are Final

    Better make sure you like what you buy as all sales are final. Definitely keep that in mind if you're buying a gift for someone.

  • Thinkstock

    The Early Bird Catches Best Deals

    Okay, so that's not how the saying goes, but you get my point. When I was there over the weekend, there was still plenty of inventory and great deals, but that won't last for long. If you're planning to wait until everything goes 50% (no telling if it even will) there might not be much of anything left.