One goes through life never knowing how they affect the people around them and unfortunately that is too bad. If more people would share how they feel about people we would be live in a better world. Speaking of living in a better world, the Big Brothers-Big Sisters program has been making better worlds for quite a few young people and they do that through their mentor program.

The Big Brother Big Sister's 100 Mentors in 100 Days campaign began August 1.  If you like to volunteer and are interested in being a positive role model for a child the Big Brothers-Big Sisters office would love to hear from you.

Some 516 children in a six county area are currently being helped by a Big Brother or Big Sister with many more on a waiting list. The program may be looking for 100 mentors by November 9, the cut-off date for the campaign, but they can over twice that amount  to fill the need.

This program has a long list of success stories of young people who were struggling in school, home and generally with life and then turned it around after their "Big" came into their life.  Basically, you spend about an hour each week with your little "brother" or "sister" with at least a one year commitment.

For many, the satisfaction of seeing this young person succeed each week is enough to continue the commitment. Many have continued for years and others keep in touch with their "little" brother or "little" sister for years beyond that. If interested, contact the Big Brothers-Big Sisters office at 223-5452 or go to