We live in a era of body piercings and tattoos.  It's not uncommon to have ears, lips, eyelids and belly buttons pierced. Do you have any idea what is in your belly button? A lot more than you realize. So just what is in there? Well, that question was asked to researchers from North Carolina State University.  

They investigated the various eco-systems thriving in a person's belly button. Some 60 belly buttons were swabbed leading them to the discovery of almost 2400 bacterial species with almost 1500 of those being termed as newbies to the scientific world   Those same researchers found that 92% of the bacteria found appeared on just under 10% of the participants.

An example of the bacteria found was bacteria that is only found in the soil of Japan and that participant had never been to Japan. They also found bacteria typically found in ice caps.  How it got there is undetermined.

So when you take that next shower or bath, you just might want to give that part of your body a little extra attention.