Congratulations to Payton Giesing, 9th grader at QND who has helped his community.

Payton, who has earned his Eagle Scout Rank in Troop 22 of St. Francis in Quincy, has made the Madonna House front yard more attractive. This young man did all the leg work, drawing the landscape design, planting and rocks. He also raised additional dollars to purchase and install a new flag. He plays basketball at Quincy Notre Dame High School.

Payton is young for his age to receive the Eagle Scout Rank, the average is 16. His older brother has also earned his Eagle Scout Ranking. And to enhance the landscaping project even more, The Knapheide Manufacturing Sponsored the renovation of the front porch to include new compost flooring, railing and painted steps

Thank you, Payton, for taking on the task and making Quincy a better place to live.