Being in radio for all these years, people want to know things about us and what we do. One thing I get alot is how can I get my information out to the masses. Be it a car wash, a blood drive or any other information that people want to get out.

Radio is a medium built for people who need information. And in turn, people need to get out information as well. We here at Y101 radio get letters, e-mails, Facebook post's about how can I get my info out because I want people to know about my bake sale, yard sale, when will the pool open, and those kind of things. It is simple..just hit our Facebook page, send us an e-mail, write us a letter(do people still do that)or just drop the info here at Y101 radio. We will get it on the air for you. It is called Public Service radio, getting the word out and havin' a ton of fun. Feel free to call, write or e-mail your comments.