Well, it looks like they blew it today.  The weather forecasters were all prognosticating 6 to 12 inches of snow from today's storm and we got about 3 to 4 instead.  I am not complaining that we got the small accumulation today.  It did cause quite a stir around the office about how the weather people like to put the fear of God into people over a snowfall in the winter.  

The last I heard, that's what it does in the winter time...snow.  Schools were closed and many people never came to work and some who did left early when it appeared we were on the way to a foot of snow. Many of the local motels were booked solid last night as travelers feared they wouldn't get back to work today after they left work yesterday.  That would have been a smart move if we got what they kept saying we were going to get...12 inches of snow. But when only 3 or 4 inches fell and the temperatures made things slushy, that overnight cost to put your head on a different pillow last night cost people some money.

Weather forecasting is not an exact science  and they do miss the forecast some times. Today was one of those times. So when you see your favorite weather person tell them they do a good job, they won't be expecting that comment today.