Let's hope the snow is over and spring is on its way.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

But someone had to deal with the snow that fell during our Midwest winter. That is where MoDOT comes in. As in Missouri Department of Transportation. And we are not just talking snow here. Think about the manpower that had to be on the roads clearing the way for us. Here are some facts that MoDOT has put together to show us what it takes to fight old man winter.

According to MoDOT, approximately 22,600 hours were recorded for all employees covering winter operations in those days. Maintenance crews were working 12 hour shifts to make sure the roads were passable. Around 250 pieces of MoDOT equipment and 13 contracted pieces of equipment were utilized during the snow events covering nearly 300,000 miles. Approximatley 80,000 gallons of fuel was used within that time. And we could go on and on with what MoDOT had to do to keep Missouri roads passable.

So when get in your car to go to work or school, keep these men and women in your mind as they do their jobs making it possible for you to get to your destination safely. Thanks MoDOT for all you do.