Congratulations to Tyfus Bias, winner of the 2012 edition of the 101 Days of Summer!

Finalists from across the Tri-States gathered Thursday afternoon at the Oakley Lindsay Center, to find out if they would win the trip to Mexico. The crowd enjoyed food and beverages courtesy of the Butcher Block, and Refreshment Services Pepsi.

Elimination rounds included random drawings, playing cards, dice and a unique game of giant Monopoly the final four contestants played in order to earn positions on our finalists' board.

The board contained mystery spaces next to each contestant's name. Tyfus, in position #2, won the grand prize trip, when "Mexico" was revealed in the space next to his.

The 101 Days of Summer promotion has been sponsored by Destination Travel, Apple Vacations, The Riu Playacar Resort, and 100.9 Y101!