Schools are open and colleges are back in session and the talk about the cost of education starts again. Let's face it, sending your kid to Illinois, Missouri, or Iowa is going to cost you a good chunk of change.

Sending them to Quincy University, Culver-Stockton College or Hannibal LaGrange University isn't cheap, either. John Wood Community College is a little cheaper, but they too have increased their fees. It makes you wonder, why is it so expensive? Well you have people to pay, overhead to handle and the list goes on and on.

If you check those lists you just might find some interesting things on it. For instance, at the University of Florida at Gainesville you will find a subscription to "The Complete Playboy Centerfolds." Apparently, research is going on studying 500 Playboy Centerfolds to prove that the physical characteristics used by prosecutors to determine if female models in adult entertainment are under 18 are not reliable.  You can't make this stuff up! And guess who is paying for it?  Taxpayers.

Makes you wonder what's on the list at all the other schools including the local ones doesn't it?