I have been reading with interest the Facebook comments about KAAY Radio in Little Rock, Arkansas.  My friend Rob Green posted if anyone remembered Beaker Street, the nighttime show on KAAY in the 70's. I chimed in about the host, Clyde Clifford.

KAAY's signal traveled all over the mid-west and it was fun to listen to.  Beaker Theatre would come on at 2am those days and it was interesting as well.  It got me to thinking about the station I grew up listening to as a kid in New York. That was WABC and my favorite disc jockey was Cousin Brucie. When I think back about it he may be the reason my interest in radio developed at an early age.  When I moved to Kansas City it was Johnny Dolan and Phil Jay at WHB Radio.

I am sure you have memories of your favorite disc jockey and station you grew up listening to. So who was it?