I was recently reading an article in the AARP Magazine about hospitals in America. The article stated that more than 180-thousand  people die every year from hospital errors and who the top hospitals are doing to prevent that from happening. I have always heard that if you "want to get sick, just go to the hospital".  

Germs are everywhere. Overall, I believe hospitals do their best to prevent germs and disease from being prevalent in their locations, but they can't completely control it.

It got me to thinking about every time I go to visit someone. I wonder why do we have two people to a room in most facilities? It was the most ridiculous decision ever made when it came to building hospitals years ago. Common sense would have told you that putting two sick people in the same room is not a good idea, yet we built hospital after hospital with two beds in a room.

Just how many people became more ill by sharing a room than if they would have had a private room? This of course was compounded by insurance companies refusing to pay for a private room when a two-bed room was available to the patient.

It's 2016 and most new hospitals are aware of the need to get away from two people in a room.  Hopefully, in a few years two beds in one room will be a thing of the past. It should have been so years ago.