If you have ever been around it, you would think that it can't make that much noise. Well, I am here to tell you that it can and does.  I am referring to the small cannon that is used quite often at local races and walks in the area. It is owned by my friend, Kevin Reed, and he deserves a big pat on the back for lugging it around to all these events.  It is typically used in beginning races and events.  I do not know how many of these events Kevin is asked to be at but he does as many as he can. The first time I saw it, I was watching him from a distance and never anticipated it being a loud as it turned out to be. It had me reeling when it went off.  What he does looks harmless but it is dangerous in that it involves gun powder.  I just read where a guy in Arkansas using a home made cannon prematurely detonated it and he ended up losing his hand and suffered flesh wounds as well.  So when you see Kevin at the next event with his "small" cannon, thank him for doing what he does.  That's donating his time for the cause and doing so at some risk as well.   Thanks Kevin!  Light it up baby and its feet don't fail me now time.