During the 7am hour this morning I mentioned that the USA Today, a reputable news outlet, reported that dogs in America collectively create 10-million tons of dog poop annually. The paper also reported that 40% of Americans don't pick up after their dogs. Having read this I did the math. Having gone to public school, I used my math skills to determine that Americans are subject to stepping into 4 million tons of dog poop. With that said, I began to think about this survey. First of all, who came up with the idea to do this survey? Secondly, what did the poor employee asked to do the research do to get handed this assignment at the paper? Couldn't have been good. Thirdly, where would you start to come up with these figures? 10-million tons is a lot of poop. Who had to gather it and who had to weigh it? Also, none of my friends who are dog owners were ever called to see if they are a part of the 40% who leave Fido's droppings in their neighbors yard on a regular basis. So how accurate are these numbers. As long as we have these numbers, be reminded that
4 out of every ten dogs in your own neighborhood are fertilizing your yard. Happy mowing.