Everyone likes to talk about the songs from their past because it brings back memories. And that is a good thing. But I think the time has come to rank the ALL TIME GREATEST MUSICAL DECADE!

We could argue about this all day. So, I lay it out there. Here is what I think of each decade and why.

The 60s- The decade began so innocent and ended in a drug haze. But the music was great. The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. They laid the ground work for things to come.

The 70s started off slow after all the chaos of the 60s and, of course, ended with DISCO, which was good and bad.

The 80s were wild with some great music that got you up and dancing. Some of the music from that era is still being brought back to life in this decade.

The 90s to me were much more laid back. It was good music, but not great.

The 2000s were great, nasty, bumpy, grinding and dangerous.

This decade we are in now with music is very cluttered to me. Look at all the music styles there are. Everywhere from soft to loud to grinding to dirty to just plain stupid (or was that the 80s?).

Anyway, I throw all of this out there to see what you think. Good or bad.

Keep rocking!