OK. So I used to have a whole bunch of  pens. You know, things you write with. But now they are gone.

When you go out to the store to get more pens and I swear, within two weeks, they are gone. Where do the pens go? Do I drop them into a big hole somewhere? Do pens grow legs and move to Montana or something?

Win McNamee, Getty Images

I just bought some nice writing pens last month. The ones that write real smooth. These pens just glide over paper. I love that. But now, my latest pen purchase has gone somewhere. I do not blame anyone because at one time or another, we all use the pens that are laying around. And that's OK.

I just would like to know where the pens hide during the day. When we all leave the radio station, do the pens get together and have a party at night? Do the pens get drunk on ink?

Time to go to the store again.