Fire Chief Joe Henning met with members of the Fire Aldermanic Committee to discuss what it would take to reopen the station at 24th and Cedar. According to Henning, reopening the station would require the addition of two new firefighters plus projected overtime costs--an estimated total of $250,000 in additional funding. City budget negotiations are set to begin in April.

Since budget cuts led to the closing of the station in May of 2015, many have taken notice to the resulting increase in average response time.
Another idea involves the construction of a brand new firehouse in Quincy--something Quincy has not had since the 1970s.

Without Station Six, Quincy’s four operating fire stations are located at 906 Vermont, 334 S. 36th, 1115 Locust, and 1130 Jackson.

According to Henning, having only four Quincy stations in operation as we do currently is not an ideal situation--and hopefully not a permanent one.