Main Street Cinema 8 in Hannibal is showing 'Dirty Dancing' on Retro Night, August 21. They've been kind enough to offer our audience free tickets, which you can register to win in Y101 Rewards. 'Dirty Dancing' is a HUGE movie, one of the iconic films of the 80s. As big of a movie as 'Dirty Dancing' is, don't forget that the soundtrack was just as big a hit.

The 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack was a mix of classic songs, and original songs that topped the charts. Righteous Brother Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes' 'I've Had the Time of My Life,' Eric Carmen's 'Hungry Eyes,' and 'She's Like the Wind', sang by Patrick Swayze, were all huge hits. The soundtrack sold over 30 million copies, and even inspired a sequel album, 'More Dirty Dancing,' in 1988.

Off all the songs on the original 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack, which was your favorite?