Illegal immigrants are becoming a problem across the country not just in the larger cities of America. Small town America is experiencing an influx of illegals as well including our immediate area.  With that said, I came across a story about the City of Los Angeles recently. Apparently, L.A. is considering a plan to allow illegal immigrants to use library cards to open bank accounts, obtain cash, and access city services. Can you believe this?

What ever happened to applying for citizenship, becoming an American citizen and then applying to open an account, obtain cash and access city services?  Why even bother to become a citizen of this country when all you may need is a library card. It wasn't easy for the immigrants who sailed over from Europe but they were encouraged to go through the process to become American citizens. They were not given library cards and everything else.  If we keep making it easy for illegals in this country we will begin to see the effects of it and I presume we already have.