On July 2nd, the Military All-Stars will be playing the Quincy Gems in an exhibition game.  This is a team of wounded warriors who travel around the country raising funds for the project.  I hope the ball park will be filled with people to honor them and others who will be recognized by the Quincy Gems. Dave "Chickenman" Comer and the Gems are planning an elaborate pre-game ceremony beginning at 5:30 that Monday night.  All veterans and current military personnel are welcomed to be a part of the event. Once the ceremony prior to the game is over then the real game will take place.  This traveling team has played all over this great country of ours including against the San Diego Padres. In each stop their roster is supplemented by a few local people and this is where I think the Gems have lost their mind. Dennis Oliver and I have both been asked to play for the visitors.  We both have accepted the offer.  I am not sure of D.O.'s baseball past but I played for 24 years before giving up my dream. One of my bucket list items is to play again and to be behind the plate as a catcher, the position I played for most of my playing days. I am not sure that will happen on July 2nd but one thing is for sure, I will have the time of my life reliving my youth.  One thing did just hit me though.   Unless I hit a home run, I will be needing a designated runner from home plate to first base.  Any takers?