With commencement exercises occurring all over the country, a new list of nursing graduates will be out looking for jobs in the nursing field. Well, before you start your pursuit of your dream job, you might want to take into account the information provided by the personal finance social network WalletHub

Theo Heimann, Getty Images

WalletHub has presented a list of good and bad states (including the District of Columbia) to work in for nurses based upon 15 different key metrics ranging from average nurse's salary to projected competition within the industry in the year 2030.

Here are the top ten best states for nurses, according to WalletHub:

1. Oregon

2. Washington

3. South Dakota

4. Arizona

5. New Mexico

6. Alaska

7. Wyoming

8. Minnesota

9. Texas

10. Maryland

The ten worst states are as follows:

42. District of Columbia

43. Delaware

44. Arkansas

45. Georgia

46. Kentucky

47.West Virginia

48. Tennessee

49. Alabama

50. Louisiana

51 Mississippi

In case you were wondering, Iowa finished at 27, Missouri at 35 and Illinois at 38 on the list.