Disclaimer: I admit it might be a little unconventional to be plugging a competing radio show, but some things are just exponentially more important. Deal with it.

That being said, if you haven’t already, please go listen to the Tuesday morning broadcast of WGEM Sportscenter. Under circumstances that we at Y101 can’t begin to imagine, Broc Hampsmire and company did an outstanding job paying tribute to their friend and longtime co-host, Josh Houchins, who passed away Sunday at the tragically young age of 36.

Although our paths crossed a couple times (mostly trivia nights and swag giveaways), I didn’t know Josh personally. As much as I would have loved to discuss Pearl Jam or trade Seinfeld quotes with him, I unfortunately never had the opportunity. Unlike so many common friends across social media, I don’t have any inside jokes or funny stories to share. That’s not my intention and I apologize if it seems like it is.

Instead, I admired his work from afar. His interviews are second to none and his refreshing sense of self-deprecating humor was always appreciated. And on too many occasions, I found myself laughing my ass off at one of the WGEM Sportscenter highlight videos and thinking “damn, I wish I’d thought of that first”.

So make no mistake. I was merely a fan (and honestly not a very sports-minded one at that). In any case, I’ll sure miss his voice and everything he brought to the local media table. So thank you, Josh.

A Fan.

(And once again, thank you to Broc, Sean, Ben, Matt, and the entire WGEM Sportscenter crew for an amazing tribute. We know it could not have been easy.)