During 2016 visitors from 48 states and 24 countries from around the world were served by “Hosts” in Quincy's Official Tourist Information Center in the Villa Kathrine located at 532 Gardner Expressway.


In addition, guests utilized the Villa and its grounds for 39 special events including: educational activities, weddings, receptions, parties, dinners, meetings and group tours.


Further, uncounted casual visitors enjoyed the view from the Mississippi River bluff outside the Villa, watched the eagles and other birds, river barges going by, and relaxed on the grounds.

Since the Tourist Information Center opened in the parlor of the Villa Kathrine over 29 years ago, on Labor Day in September 1987, there have been 140,000 visitors from all 50 states and 94 countries of the world who have signed the guest book. Of all the visitors, 80% of them have come from outside of Quincy. 


In addition to these visitors, an annual average of nearly 2,000 more guests have attended nearly 40 special events each year.


A summary breakdown is listed below.




20%     Quincy

51%     Tri-States of Illinois, Missouri & Iowa

27%     Other States

  2%     Foreign Countries






40%     Sightseeing

20%     Vacation

19%     Visit Friends & Family

  9%     Business

  6%     Shopping

  6%     Visit Museums