Thank you to the City of Quincy for providing a yard waste collection site - the Evans Recycling site on Radio Road - south of Quincy. I have used it several times, but I noticed something different the other day when I went to dump my branches. A video camera.

Why a video camera? One reason is for the safety of the workers at the site. Another is people dumping trash and other materials that do not belong. The yard waste site is kept in good condition, but when there are old sofas, wood products, oil and other products dumped there by people who just don't get it, that could cause the city and Evans Recycling to think about getting rid of the site.

Many Quincy residents use that site for yard waste and the dumping of tree limbs. That is why the camera, or maybe cameras, are there to make sure the right things are put in the dump area.

The dump site is there to use, not abuse. It also helps keep the city of Quincy clean. So next time you are at the site on Radio Road, be nice to the people who work there and wave at the camera.