A young man's service and sacrifice to his country will be honored after 62 Years.

80-year-old Merlin Earlywine of Lewistown, Missouri will receive his Purple Heart in a ceremony on Sunday, November 10 at the Lewis County Courthouse. It has been a long time coming. Here is the story. Mr Earlywine was wounded in battle 62 years ago. A few weeks ago, Mr. Earlywine was talking with his son who mentioned that although he was a Purple Heart recipient, he did not have the actual medal. His family always assumed it was in his possession.

His daughter Linda then called Rep. Brian Munzlinger's office, who directed her to Rep. Sam Graves office. The Graves office sent the paperwork, they filled it out and the medal will be presented to Mr. Earlywine at the Veteran's Day Program. The ceremony will be part of the annual Highland High School History Club annual Veteran's Day Program. The public is invited to attend.

Alex Wong, Getty Images