In what has been one of the ugliest Presidential campaigns ever, the long ordeal of persuading Americans to choose either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will end today.  No matter who wins the election to this nation’s highest office, this nation has been wounded by the process. Wounded, but not killed.

You see, the mere fact that we get the opportunity to select our leader, like that person or not, means our system still works. We, as Americans, get to select our leaders. Do you realize how many people around the world would love to be able to do that?  So even after a very ugly campaign for President, we still get our say and thank God for that.

Imagine being told who your leaders are and who you will vote for or else? That thought alone makes Clinton or Trump a little easier to vote for.  So please exercise you right and duty as an American citizen to vote today. The polls are open until 7 tonight in Missouri and Illinois and until 9 in Iowa.