Like everything else in life, things change over time. Such may be the case with the traditional door to door trick-or-treating in Quincy and America. The popularity of going door to door with your friends on Halloween night has diminished over the years due to concerns about the safety of children. This has led to children trick or treating in the malls or other supervised locations. One of the newest trends on Halloween is what they call “Trunk or Treating”. 

Trunk or Treating is where people decorate the trunk of the vehicles in church or school parking lots. Those trucks are filled with candy to pass out to the children who come by those particular lighted lots. It is considered to be much safer and satisfies a lot of the rural families who would have to travel some distances just to go from one house to another.

This Trunk or Treating concept was really born out of Hurricane Katrina for the people who returned to no homes and only had their cars for possessions. It has been happening around here for a few years and I can see where it will catch on and become more and more popular in the years ahead.