I love getting information from government entities.  They write things to make them seem even for significant than they really are.  When I worked for the United States Department of Commerce during the 2000 Census I would receive these memos that would have ten extra sentences with all kinds of gobble-d-gook to make it look "official". The same memo could have been written in two sentences.   That was for the federal government but the same holds true for the state and city as well.  For instance, the City of Quincy always sends out notices of street closures or traffic disruptions in advance of the work being done to alert the public to it.  Such a notice came Tuesday when we received a news release entitled "Traffic Signal Rehabilitation Project". It's four fancy words that mean "replacing the light".  But doesn't it seem so official the way they worded it? In any case, starting today and for the next two weeks, the City of Quincy will be installing new traffic controllers at 5 intersections in the city. Those intersections are on Maine Street at 14th, 18th, 30th,and 36th Streets as well as 12th and State Streets.  Money received through the Motor Fuel Tax is being used for the upgrading.  As you drive through these intersections be prepared to approach a 4-way stop or a flashing light until the work is completed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to expressly present my abilities to relate to the populous the enhanced information regarding the rehabilitated traffic signal device project that is presently in operation for the next fourteen days of the calendar year 2012. My God, I just became a government employee (for about ten seconds).